A weekly collection of inspiration, motivation, desperation and humiliation


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Terry Jaymes will make you laugh and think (and maybe cry)

I’ve been listening to Terry Jaymes for over a decade and his is probably the most well rounded podcaster I’ve ever listened to. He’s real and genuine..he offers a human perspective that is interesting, sometimes hilarious (love his rants) and many times touching. He’ll make you think. I’m so glad you’re back Terry!

Great show

Another great show by Terry Jaymes. All his shows are winners. Very inspiring and entertaining. Thanks for all your shows. Just a listener Cindy Dryden,VA

Love it!

I’ve followed this man through all his work for the last 20 years, humble, hardworking and very entertaining. This podcast doesn’t disappoint!

Raw and Real

It’s wonderful to hear Terry doing what he does best…inspire and motivate with genuine honesty.

Former porn star reveals all. No, it’s just Terry. XD 👍

Terry, such a funny guy and down to earth he’s great to listen to and he will tell you exactly what’s going on with his life and situation very entertaining.

Can’t wait for more!

Don’t beat yourself up too bad. We all make decisions that sometimes backfire. I’m in on The Terry Jaymes Show and can’t wait to see you prove all the “experts” wrong!!! Go get em’ Mr James!

A true legend

I’ve followed Terry’s work for decades. Anything he puts out turns to gold, and I will always listen.

It’s Terry

The show is Terry. You’ll get great advice from a good perspective. Terry jaymes always delivers honest and concise content from the heart. You won’t be disappointed, just subscribe and listen.


Keep up the good work Terry!

The Best

Terry Jaymes is a visionary in the pod cast world! I subscribe to everything he does!

Facts and belief

I’m not one to ever write reviews.. Just felt like I wanted to at least put out in the universe that I see you and get inspired by your drive and having the ability to not let anyone influence or completely derail you from yourself and dreams. I have kinda made you a mentor without your knowledge lol. Thanks for everything man and keep on keeping on like a box of peps.

Thank You

Please keep doing what you are doing and never stop. I am in no matter what you do and I am here to support you always.