Finding your own way is the only way.


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Great show

Terry, listening to you since Lex and Terry started in Jacksonville. Love all your podcasts, Terry Jaymes Alive and Gang of Two. Terry Jaymes Alive is a regular guy living his best life, helping guys live their best lives. Keep doing what your doing!! Chas K

Great job

I started listening to you when you took over for Howard Stern on 99.5 the X and Eastern North Carolina. I’ve had to follow you on Lex & Terry online since y’all were pulled off due to a format change at 99.5. I love all of your shows I wish more people in your Industry were as honest as y’all are. I might not agree with all the opinions but I can respect your honesty and love y’all for it. Keep up the great job and never think of yourself as mediocre with anything that you do. CK.

Terry Jaymes Alive

I listen to your podcasts weekly! I am so looking forward to your April Challenge. Sounds like you have plans for future shows and events and I am excited for your energy to expand your base and live out your deepest dreams! Thank you for your pure honesty. It’s refreshing! Mary

Terry very Alive!

Just a blunt, honest podcast with some real world talk. So good and well worth the time.

5 Stars!!!

Put a fried Egg on it!!!!

Great weekly listen

I love Terry on this podcast. He has some great guests and is very introspective. I look forward to this one dropping every week.

Laugh / Cry / Love / Believe

This podcast has it all and so much more. I’ve been a fan of Lex and Terry since around 2005 I believe. Dick and fart jokes are always welcome but for this solo podcast Terry strips it down and gives us a look into his real life. What makes him laugh and what inspires him along with so many other thoughts(and doubts) are contained inside. This may not be for everyone but to me I’m amazed by how much Terry shares about himself in this platform and I appreciate him for doing it. Eric

Thanks. I enjoy the insight and the perspective.

I’m from SiouxFalls SD. I remember the first morning you guys hit the radio. I’ve listened every morning since then.

Living Your Dreams

Thank you Terry. Very inspiring.

T James

A great man!!

Love the show

This was a great show with Ian!! Maybe y’all should say he was work force reduced instead of fired or let go. People might understand that more. Love you guys!!

Love me some TJ

One of the reasons we have a podcast is cause TJ, he has the ability to speak to you even when he is not speaking to you directly, keep rocking it TJ

Perfect and Inspiring

Alive is an OG of podcast excellency. It's both relevant and inspiring. The core floodway of the podcast is full-on positive and YOU WILL benefit from it. On your commute, at your desk, vibing out, or even while having sex - Alive is the podcast for you.

Daily Fix

This daily podcast “fix” keeps me ALIVE👍

Steal This Podcast!

I've listened to Terry since late 1992 when he came to work at Rock 105 in Jacksonville and the Lex & Terry Radio Network was born. If you've come here expecting the same old morning radio gaga... think again! This show lets Terry dive a whole lot deeper into the things that really drive him, and in turn, can provide valuable insight and perspective into things that you may be dealing with in your own daily life and inspire you to get moving in a more positive direction. So do yourself a favor... subscribe!

Love lex

Lex is so relaxed when he does this show I love it !!

I'm a Terry Jaymes fan.

Great show. Great to hear what Terry Jaymes is like outside the big show in the morning. This show helps me get through the work day. Very informative. Hilarious a must download.

A fantastic podcast

This is far from Lex and Terry, and that's a good thing. As great as that FM show is, it's really cool hearing Terry as Terry. This podcast consistently lights a fire under my rear and keeps me focused on my own goals. Give this podcast a honest listen, I'm betting after 3 episodes you'll be hooked.

Night Cap

I have to listen to Lex and Terry in the A.M. On my way to work, and I cap the night off with Terry Jaymes Alive. Great show Terry, thanks!


Its GREAT to listen to a program that is positive and honest. I get so sick of hearing horrible news stories day after day and this is an awesome way to remember that we are all human and trying our best everyday to get better and better at living our lives. Take a listen and you'll LOVE it.

Been around since the beginning

It's been great watching this grow from just an idea to how large this is becoming. It's been great growing as a person, while watching Terry and everybody else do the same.

I'm hooked

Terry and his guests are on the cutting edge of getting "normal" people to realize how we need to take care of ourselves and each other. This isn't a "new agey, hippy, dippy" podcast but a message coming from someone who has real life, school of hard knocks experience and stories to share that make sense to us all! FANTASTIC!!!


Love it terry! -DV

Terry found his groove

Loving this podcast!


They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Ladies and gents... Professor Jaymes!

Wish there were more

I love the podcast but I wish he would make more of them


Great show! My wife has even bought into Terry's new bit. She's not much of a L&T listener as am I, but we BOTH have really enjoyed Terry's spin on self motivation, and his guests. Keep up good work man!


Love it!!

Gr8 podcast.

I must admit when u 1st alluded that ALIVE would be a podcast, & not ustream, I was very dissapointed, & was unfairly upset. But it didn't take me 2:30 into the cast 2 see this is comfy 4all! I love it! Now u gotta problem. I'll be harassing u for more., guess I shoulda been heard of Love Colors. :/


Great Podcast. Honest and Chill.