Finding your own way is the only way.


Terry Jaymes is best known as co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Lex and Terry.

Terry lost his dream job in NYC while he was in the process of buying a house. He’s still tore up about it. He was the worst basketball player on every team he made. He later blew out his knee after joining a mens league. He struggles everyday when he meditates. He famously choked on his first attempt at a motivational speech for a bunch of nurses. He couldn’t keep a major market radio job and was fired twice in Dallas. He’s performed stand-up comedy for years and still hasn’t reached headliner status. In fact, he became frightened to try any new material. He has failed every attempt to learn a foreign language.

He has been able to make a few dreams come true. Currently he’s the co-founder and co-host of The Lex and Terry Radio Network. He also hosts the Terry Jaymes Alive podcast where he shares personal stories of success and failure with his ever growing list of amazing guests. Then there’s the podcast that is climbing up the iTunes charts,GANG OF TWO - A hilarious look at coupledom from a couple of dumbs, hosted by Terry and his wife Shari. He also tours across the country with his unique brand of inspirational speaking.

There has also been some television work. Some of his credits include regular appearances on the FOX Network’s Sunday Comics and Comic Strip Live. He was the co-host of Pure Insanity on FOX and has been seen nightly on the local news putting his spin on the evening’s Entertainment Report. He has popped up on the hit NBC soap opera Santa Barbara and has also done some national commercial work for Canada Dry.

Rounding out his repertoire, Terry also performs stand-up comedy at clubs across the country and is a regular in Las Vegas.

Terry is a native Southern Californian and is now diggin’ life in Seattle, Washington.