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March 26, 2022

March 26, 2022

March 26, 2022

Something happened today that I hope will change my life.

Most who read this will think I’m just being old and sappy. If I don’t learn a lesson from this they will be right.

Let me take you back a few nights. I was in bed and feeling extremely grateful. This isn’t that unusual because I’ve made gratitude a big part of my life. It’s an empowering feeling and I actively look for moments to bathe in it. 

On this particular evening Shari was my focus. Listening to the sounds of her peaceful rest I reached over and put my hand on her back. Her warm, soft skin immediately calmed me down. I was hoping she could feel the love I had for her at that exact moment, but I’m pretty sure she was dreaming about George Clooney. Nonetheless it was a great moment for me. 

Skipping ahead to today.

We’re going to a dinner party tonight at a friends house. It’s one of those theme dinners where everybody is preparing an Indian dish. Shari lives for these moments. Weeks of research, planning and trials have been done and with just a few hours to go she needed “one last thing.” Off to Whole Foods we go to look for Almond Cream. Never heard of it. 

As Shari was going from isle to isle searching for whatever that is I was growing increasingly impatient. When I get this way I’m no fun to be around. I was getting pissed. This was taking forever and she was now nowhere to be found. A fact that pissed me off even more.

Full of attitude and a plan to make a scene I went in search of. 

Then something happened. On the way I remembered the feeing I had just a few nights before. I was hit pretty hard by it and my shitty attitude took a dramatic shift. I made the decision to enjoy this moment with her because one day (hopefully along time from now) these mundane moments will be gone. I thought to myself that these are the real moments of life we share together. The bigger moments are easier to remember because there are fewer of them. Why not recognize these regular everyday times and make those special?

And so I did.

Currently I’m sitting on the couch, watching the end of a great hockey game while Shari is in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on tonight's dish. It smells sweet and a little oily and it’s an absolutely perfect moment in time.