Finding your own way is the only way.
Dec. 31, 2021

January 31, 2021

January 31, 2021

2020 is going to be MY year! 

Amazing things are going to happen in 2021!

Well I’ve learned my lesson.

While I settle down to preform my year end ritual of reflection and planning, I’m faced with a reality that the world has changed and I have to adapt.

Don’t get me wrong. We still live in exciting times with shitloads of opportunity. It’s just a different kind of opportunity. One that requires a lot more self-reflection and focus. 

Things aren’t changing. They’ve already changed. You can see it all around you. People with seemingly no talent becoming rich and famous. We used to call these characters infamous but that’s no longer the case. There’s no difference anymore. Deal with it.

I used to pronounce that I’m going to drop a few pounds and get ripped. But now there’s COVID to deal with. That alone is sapping our energy with all the decisions we need to make for ourselves. Don’t even get me started on the political side of it all. The people who throw themselves into the politicizing of everything are the ones who will be left behind. Unhappy and used by the parties they love so much. That’s a topic for an upcoming podcast that I’ll never record. 

How I miss the days when I only had to worry about the food I consume. Now we must add television and social media to the mix. Everything can make us sick. It’s time for me to double down on choosing inspiring friends. I’m weeding out the toxic. Including friends, family members, people I follow and interact with online. If you don’t add value to my life, adios. I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but if you fail recognize that you’re under attack for your attention, money and soul the rest of your life will be fucked. 

While everybody else is going batshit crazy watching the news, I’ve decided to go deeper by asking myself what MY true talents are. I’m being brutally honest with myself while I do it. These are the times to be who we truly are and love the fuck out of that person.

The way I see it, I only have two choices.

I can play with the people who spend all day consuming poisonous media of all types. Or I can rise above it all and know that I spent the rest of my life making healthy choices and putting myself out there. 

If you want to join me you have to be fearless. You have to ignore the attacks from the people I previously mentioned. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s here and there’s no going back. Having an open mind is the key. 

Oh, one more thing. And this is a good thing. Age doesn’t matter anymore. I saw an old southern lady who decided to turn her camera on while she cooked. In two years she has over a million people who love to watch her just being her. I know I’ll get the “you’re washed up old man” comments. But that’s old thinking by the people who will spend the rest of their life reacting, saying what others tell them to say while they try to act all tough. 

The real tough people are the ones who put themselves out there. This is the time for the real dreamers. Dream big and then dream even bigger. Devise a plan and go for it. If that plan doesn’t work, devise another one.

Are you the puppet? Or are your the puppeteer?