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Jan. 21, 2022

January 21, 2022

January 21, 2022

*Takes a deep breath

It’s time to talk. I’m ready.

I’ve had a tough time being me the past few years. Why Terry? Thanks for asking.

I’m pained by what’s happened to our country. Not what’s happening to our country. We’re way past that. It’s already happened. Yes, some of it’s political, but most of my pain comes from the social issues. I love and have amazing friends on both sides of the aisle who in my opinion, are way too into this. They’ve poisoned themselfs taking in heaps of news that makes them feel good for the moment. I love these people. So, so much. I don’t believe people lose friends over politics. They are losing friends over morals.

If you listen to the Lex and Terry show, you know that over the years I’ve been disturbed by the President’s State of the Union Address. It didn’t matter who was in office at the time. What killed me was one side standing, gleefully cheering while the other side sat there with shitty looks on their old faces. I know that’s what democracy looks like, but the picture that always comes to mind is that people lost their lives fighting for America and that’s the respect we show them? Now I think we can all agree that the picture I just painted is tame compared to what’s happening now. 

I’ve actually been accused of caring too much for our service men and woman. You would be surprised by the affiliation of the accusers. But like I said, this isn’t about politics so let me move on. Politics is not my passion. 

Back in 2008 my professional life was turned upside down. I had no idea what it would do to my spirit though. The rules of radio changed and so did the way management dealt with personality shows. 

I played the game and viewed it as a challenge to come up with funny, creative bits that fit the new rules. My reward for this was staying gainfully employed. In reality my spirit was broke and I felt like a sellout taming down who I really was. But being married with a mortgage, you know the deal. I chose to play the game. I don’t regret my decision. But it still hurts to this day.

Here we are, 2022 and a lot has changed. For one, technology has made it possible to make a living doing what I love. If you can deal with the haters and the trolls and people coming after you, you can make a good living saying anything you want. Even lies and damaging misinformation.

Listen, again, I’m not here to bring down politicians or any specific party. I don’t have the capability and it’s not my passion. However, I am passionate about taking action on stuff that I know will enhance my day to day life.

I’m here to inspire and motivate myself and others to take control of our lives. To call bullshit on all the people trying to distract us from actually living. 

I don’t blindly believe everything I hear. I do research and then make an educated decision. Now it’s time for me to brag. I have a healthy mind. I haven’t been brainwashed. I don’t have a favorite news channel nor do I worship any politician. I trust my instincts and know who’s lying and why. The bad people need to be held accountable. Whoever they are. I don’t care if they have a D or an R by their name. Right now I’m trusting that’s what’s going to happen. Sure people will be pissed. Fuck em. 

I feel the only way to win is to rise above the noise, focus and go about our business.. It’s time for the healthy-minded people to win again. 

I’m at a stage in my life and my career were I’ve learned to handle criticism. I can deal with trolls. So it’s time to be brave and spread some goodness while not being fearful of pointing out who our detractors are.  

I’m going to speak my truth again. If needed, I'll name names. I hope to have the support of those who just want to live an extraordinary life while being fully aware of who the enemies are.