Finding your own way is the only way.
Feb. 12, 2022

February 12, 2022

February 12, 2022
It's very hard nowadays to gain a following in the podcast space and on social media. The recipe is simple though. Say a bunch of crazy shit while connecting to what your audience is most afraid of and play to that. Keep your audience angry and on the ropes. They'll be back the next day begging for more. Those people will then spread the word about you. They do all the dirty work. Poof, you've gone viral. Poof you're rich. The people who are most successful know what they're doing. They don't really care about YOU.
My podcast (Terry Jaymes Alive) is the exact opposite. Because of that I'm amazed at the recent growth. Maybe there are people out there who are over conspiracy theories and political discourse. This stuff is so toxic that people forget that THEY actually have a life they have to live and that THEY are in charge of their success, health and happiness. Why spend all your free time playing in that toxic world when you can be focusing on what really matters. You.
So thank you for being here for my podcast that talks about the stuff that's not very in vogue right now.
I could easily go down the shock jock route. As you know, I know how to do that shit in my sleep. The "everybody is against us" stuff is easy. Please remember that its really YOU that they're after and YOU can decide to get lost in that world or create your own world.
Nothing but love guys.