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Feb. 1, 2022

February 1, 2022

February 1, 2022

A long time ago I was in a bad place. The way I saw it was I only had two choices.

The first and easiest choice would be to just give up. Giving up can come in many different forms. At the time, my choice would have been drastic. It was that bad.

The other option would be to figure out a way to pick my defeated ass up from the dirt and do something to feel alive and hopeful.

Something told me to give the second option a chance before any further action would be taken.

I stayed up for a few days trying to come up with some simple ideas that I believed would inspire me to feel alive again. I figured that if I could do something good for my soul for thirty days straight it just may change my vibe.

And to my amazement, it did! 

I recently stumbled across these notes and made the decision right there to do it again. It's a simple process really. One that I know could help people on many levels. 

Well, it's time for The 30 Day ALIVE Challenge.

The start date is TBT - I will stream LIVE everyday for 30 days giving you, and I, our daily challenge. These quick streams will be available on all my platforms.

More details coming soon! 

Love you guys!