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April 29, 2022

APRIL 29, 2022

APRIL 29, 2022

As part of my downsizing practice, I was going through a box in storage and came across something that I believe saved my life decades ago.

I was in a very bad place. None of my dreams were coming true. I couldn’t get work and I could feel those who were close to me giving up on as every day past.

I had two choices. The first one was the easiest. To get the fuck out. The second one was to give it one last try. But I knew to do so would take some time and I needed some sort of plan.

I decided to write down a bunch of small things I could do hoping that it would ignite some sort of spark in my soul.

Guess what? It worked. 

After finding the list, I decided to share them with further explanation in short YouTube videos. 

Here’s a quick look at the 30 Small Things You Can Do To Jumpstart Your Life.

1) WHAT’S YOUR CAUSE: It’s important to be of service. To feel as though others need you. 

2) MAKE AN ENTRANCE: I still play this game a lot. Try walking into a room while owning your space. Stand taller. Smile more and notice how your mood inspires others.

3) BREATH DEEP: Set an hourly reminder to take a few deep breaths knowing that the universe has your back.

4) THE TRUTH ABOUT MIRACLES: Miracles are all the same size. The more you notice them the more powerful you will feel. It could be something as simple as getting a great parking space. Take credit for that. 

5) WHAT’S YOUR DREAM: Ask your friends what their dream is. This opens up great, inspiring conversations.

6) BE UNAPOLOGETIC: NEVER apologize for your dreams. If your mind thinks you can do something, that’s your spirit telling you you’re on the right track.

7) 3 THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: Quick. Name them. Own those.

8) GET A MEDITATION APP: Most are free. Be patient. You’ll be amazed how this will make you feel.

9) YES: Say yes to something you’ve never done before. It could be something as simple as eating something you’ve never tried. This will make you feel alive.

10) SHOW SOMEONE SOME LOVE: Show them. Don’t tell them.

11) DRESS THE PART: How do you want others to see you? Time to make some changes and live that new life.

12) THINGS ARE EASIER THAN YOU THINK: Quit arguing for your limitations. If you think something will be hard … it will be.

13) TRIM THE FAT: Time to distance yourself from the people who don’t move your life forward. Easier said than done. But it’s time to start hanging around better, more inspiring people. Like attracts like.

14) START A JOURNAL: You’re thoughts are important. Your ideas are gold. Don’t hold back on this one. It’s for your eyes only. 

15) CONCENTRATE ON THE THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL: Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want. 

16) COMPLIMENT A STRANGER: Watch how powerful your words and energy are as you see their day get better right in front of your eyes. 

17) YOU HAVE CHOICES: Notice how many choices you really have. Everything from what to have for dinner to what you want to watch on TV. Better choices make for a better life.

18) THANK YOU: Send someone a hand-written thank you note.

19) YOUR JOB DOESN’T DEFINE WHO YOU ARE: They are just stepping stones.

20) THE POWER OF NO: Saying NO can be a turning point to your self-confidence.

21) GET A NEW HOBBY: Try something you’ve always wanted to do. This will introduce you to new people and new ideas.

22) LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE ACHIEVED: Do a little flashback at some of your past victories. You did that. Now get to work.

23) DUMP THE PHONE: Take a walk without your phone. Open your eyes and ears.

24) STOP COMPARING: You’re on your own path. 

25) BE A GIVER: Something as simple as donating some items you have around the house can empower you.

26) FLASHBACK: You’ve had a lot of wins in your life. Time to give yourself some credit for each and every one.

27) LET THEM KNOW: If you’re interested in someone, tell them. 

28) PLAN A TRIP: Having something to look forward to makes you feel alive.

29) NO MORE “I SHOULD HAVE’S”: Stop wasting time wondering about the past.

30) SCREW THE PAST: Your past mistakes aren’t who you are now.