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April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

I’m a host of a syndicated radio show. A show that has managed to stay on the air for 25+ years. A show that has endured a lot of ups and downs. We have been though it all professionally and personally. We are considered “shock jocks.” We’re basically “Bro’s” and so is our audience.

It’s been a great career and if I have anything to say about it, one that will never end. We’re doing some of our best work and the passion is stronger than ever.

The recipe for a successful “Bro Show” is very simple. Say and do some crazy shit to get people to talk about you. In doing so it doesn’t hurt to toss in some humor, maybe a little self-deprecation and a little sex. The key though is to be absolutely fearless, dig in and go to war. It’s you against the world. 

Now most of the popular “Bro Show’s” are packaged as podcasts. Joe Rogan obviously being the most successful. Then there’s the copycat shows like Andrew Schulz and the list goes on and on. The difference with these shows and ours is that the sex has been replaced with politics, conspiracy theories and scaring the fuck out of people. Controversy pays well. Don’t get me wrong, Rogan has been on our show and we get along great. I’m a fan. I appreciate his skillset, work ethic and ability to stand strong in the world of, and I hate to even say this phase, cancel culture. The other difference is that we choose to be on the radio. We LOVE radio. Going live is the ultimate high.

I never got the 100 million dollar contract, but there was a time where I made an embarrassing about of money. That may have been the best thing and worst thing to ever happen to me. The best part is obviously the financial freedom. The proof that my vision was worthy. The worst being the loss of who I really was.

Money is great. However, if you can’t keep your ego in check it will blacken your already dark soul. When you’re successful you think it’s going to last forever and you walk around feeling invincible. The feeling that everything you touch turns to gold is intoxicating. You can buy people things, pick up dinner tabs, you even have famous people wanting to be on your show and some even become friends. People in the industry want to be a part of it. Program Directors and executives take your call. Consultants lend their support hoping to work with you.  I’ve never felt more validated and confident in my life. I’m smart enough to know that my words are powerful. They carry weight with the all important advertisers. But more importantly, our listeners trust us. Being guys who came from nothing to having success by being exactly who we are is inspirational to many. 

Here’s the reason I’m writing this. It’s important to know the true definition of a bro. Here’s it is straight from the dictionary. Copy and pasted so you don’t think I’m making this shit up.

Bro - a young man, especially one who socializes primarily with his male peers and enjoys lively, unintellectual pursuits: shirtless bros with plaid shorts throwing frisbees | lacrosse bros.

I’m ok with this because I know where I came from, who I am and where I’m going. Some of the current bros will lose sight of this just like I momentarily did. They will think that they’re smarter than they really are. They will feel  power and will continue to chase that feeling for as long as the industry and advertisers let them. They can shape society, trends and even elections. I just hope these podcasters don’t take themselves too serious. It will be the death of them. I would take no glee watching it happen to them.

Us bros love this shit. We’re angry. We feel like nobody, including our superiors understand us. At some level we feel victimized because of our education or background so we make ourselves feel better by taking on the title of out-of-the-box thinkers. In reality, we’re just repeating what other bros say. Hardly original. Isn’t that right you “woke” motherfuckers? 

I could intelligently talk about some of the important stuff that’s happening in the world. I’m defiantly not ruling it out. My issues is politically at this point I guess I would consider myself anti-fringe. The far left and the far right piss me off. I’m still someone who wants truth from our leaders no matter who it favors. I can handle the truth. I love our country and am humbled on a daily basis by those who serve as well as our first responders. I don’t hate anybody and it seems like you have to hate one side or the other 24/7. I’m not sure there’s a market for that. Being in the middle defiantly has me feeling like I’m out on Bro Island with nobody caring enough to come to my rescue. 

I believe the main reason the Lex and Terry show continues to be successful is that about ten years ago we decided to take everything we’ve learned about broadcasting and made it sound like a podcast. It has the appearance that we’re reckless and loose, but trust me, there’s a daily plan. 

A few years back I decided to take a weekend shift at KIRO FM in Seattle. I did so because I wanted to become a better broadcaster. From Larry Gifford I learned how to choose a subject, develop a strong opinion and to go deeper with feeling. 

I think it’s time now. Time to take some riskier choices regarding content. Our show is funnier than most but I believe it’s the right time to start working in some hard conversations. What will separate us is that we will do it with humility, compassion and the understanding of how lucky we are to be allowed to do it.

Bro 2.0