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April 16, 2022

April 16, 2022

April 16, 2022

I’m a guy who makes lists. I also write in a journal. Oh, and I write down my goals too. And I also write down ideas that come to me at all times of day, only to write them down again in a place that I can eventually utilize them either on the Lex and Terry show, the stage or as a TV show pitch. Plus there’s my daily To- Do List.

Yes. Like you, I sense a problem.

Believe it or not, all of the above is about a tenth of what I used to do. I used to think that writing down a goal or a dream was enough to make them a reality. Like I actually did something and I gave myself a lot of credit for doing so. 

I was so wrong. In the real world I was just lazy and writing something down was just a way for me to momentarily feel better about myself.

Because I have a lot of what I consider to be creative thoughts that come to me at inconvenient times, I do have to put them down on paper or most recently in my iPhone so I don’t forget them. That’s something that I’ll always live with. The big question is how do I bring them to life and cut back on writing so much shit down. 

My To-Do lists used to consist of 15-20 items. I’d write down everything. Here’s an example taken from early last year.

* Eat a HEALTHY breakfast

* Stretch

* Meditate

* Phone call with Agent

* Eat a HEALTHY lunch

* Record Gang of Two podcast

* Post Gang of Two podcast

* Gym (Cardio, Legs, Stretch)

* Schedule dentist appointment

* Go to bank

* Mail off prizes

* Help Shari with taxes

* Take down recycles

* Lex and Terry show prep for tomorrow's show

* HEALTHY dinner

* Go over show prep

* Nightly visualization on patio

* Good thoughts before sleep

Crazy right? The only thing I got from that was a feeling of accomplishment from checking them off one by one. Overtime however I would get overwhelmed by looking at the next days list. I became a slave to it. I needed to find a healthy balance. I decided that the only way to do this was to make almost all of this a habit. Do I really need to be reminded to eat HEALTHY and to workout? 

Creating habits. I found this to be the key to feel a certain amount of freedom in my day. It helped me actually feel more alive and less like a robot. My life completely changed.

Here’s how I did it. I wrote down what I thought needed to be done. Funny, but true. I talked to friends, pick up books, watched YouTube videos etc .. all on the subject of How to Create Habits.

There’s a spiritual belief that it only takes 21 days. So I tried that. All that did was make me check off 21 days on a calendar. No new habits made.

So I decided to keep my list and that I would eliminate everything that started to get easier over time. For example, once I reached my target weight I no longer needed to remind myself to eat healthy, stretch, workout, meditate, visualize, sleep well. At that point my list was cut in half. Once that happened a certain freedom came over me. It was magical. Then my Lex and Terry, podcast work all became, for lack of a better term, just work ethic. If I’m doing something I love I don’t need to be reminded to do it. Then I took all those items off my list. 

Now my daily reminder is actually a weekly reminder with just a few things on it. Here’s what I have this week.

*  Monday: Schedule a GoCleanse recoding time with Scott

*  Friday: Dinner with Friends

I feel so free right now because I took the time to take the small steps needed to create healthy, long lasting habits. My head is clear and my heart is wide open to think, create, feel and love. It has also helped me organize my ideas and I now instinctively know what will and won’t work. My ideas are better because they come from a different place. They are not wishes. They are now powerful gems to act upon.

Bottom line: Getting the clutter out of your  head will allow you to come from a place of love. These ideas are the most powerful of all because they are no longer attached to a thought from fear or a reaction to something that didn’t come from your heart. 

Don’t be afraid of coming from a place of love. Don’t be afraid of the word love. It’s a feeling. The most powerful feeling of all and you can get there until you clear your mind.